Exploring EURO Car PRICES in PATTAYA - Surprising or SKY-HIGH?? (2024)

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BMW - Mini - Volvo - Audi - Mercedes-Benz

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G'day from bangsaray what's happening today, well, we're going shopping for a European car and I'm just waiting for someone to turn up.

It looks like they might have just just arrived who's that it's the trusted agent.

Hey now, mcduo's back guys, we're going looking at some European cars, stand by okay.

First stop on the European car, hunt, we're at German Auto on second bit road down towards Banks array, very close to where I live.

Actually, they've got minis here as well.

So, uh, I, can't, wait to see the prices because everyone knows there's a 300 percent, uh, tax on imported cars.

So price list for the BMWs looks like so a 220i Grand, Sport, sorry, Grand, Coupe, M sport, it's, 2.2 million and um, the XM 14.6 and an M3 or an M4, an M4 I think is 10 million or a bit over 12 million the new 3 Series let's have a look suggested retail for the diesel M sport 2, 669 000.

for the twin turbo plug-in hybrid 2, liter 2 million nine hundred and nine thousand and there's Finance payments, uh, what's.

This price with BSI.

Standard I have to ask them.

What that means another three series The, m340i, X, Drive, um suggested, retail, 4 million and 29 000.

and uh, yes.

So we'll find out what that BSI standard is maybe that's.

The on-road costs will ask the question, some of you have been asking about electric vehicles.

So this is the new BMW.

I X3 and the price suggested retail, 3.5 million three, four, three million five hundred and eighty nine thousand.

And that service package I, don't know what they would service on an electric car.

But anyway, foreign I have not seen one of these on the road.

The, IX 5 million 149, 000, IX, X, Drive, 40 sport, well, the homie here thinks you can see himself in a uh wearing his basketball shirt.

The next seven I, don't know, whether it's you and I just, uh, twin turbo, six cylinder, diesel 250 kilowatts and 700 newton meters.

It torque there we go 6.5 million.

The good thing is I can sit in the back, and you can shut an air out when we go and look at condos, just checking out.

The soft soft clothes function on these BMWs.

So it automatically pulls it in yeah, 5, 30., it's, not 5, 30.

E, luxury 3.1 million the cheers trophy.

This is the kind of thing to cruise around Thailand on and here's, the 400 GT scooter.

So the GS trophy 1250, beautiful bike is 1.2 million and the scooter, 400 440, 000, uh, Hopkin cup just showed this one price 1.3, very cool, let's be a demo on charge.

An electric mini let's have a look at the sour deep up can my video? Okay, it's.

So many Clippers come from an entry, two million and seventy nine thousand, but than the electric two million four hundred and fifty nine thousand I've had an old one of these in Australia, an old Cooper S.

It was fun to drive there.

You go Cooper, S, three door, advanced two million nine hundred and nine, ten thousand, yep, we're at Volvo.

So, uh, there's plenty of people out there.

So I, dick up that love Bobo's and plenty that hate them.

And in Australia, they had a reputation as not another bloody Volvo driver, but uh, let's go check them out and see what they're like my brother actually bought an xc60r design.

So, um, I'm, not sure I'm here in naklua, look at that juice box.

Anyway, there's a an S90 and the price 3.29 million but ton.

But what if you're what if you're renting theoretic I'll give you like a chip, but you can just plug in even, but it won't be a quick charge.


So memo was just talking about if you bought a Volvo, they would install a fast charger this juice box at your property, um.

And if you're renting, uh, I've noticed, even in my building in Del, Mare, there's, one parking space, dedicated for electric vehicles and charging so I'm, just having a look at an XC90, uh, 4.69 million.

Oh, yeah.


So that'll be just, uh, that's.

Just a normal power socket is it? Yeah.


It's about nine hours.

Not just sitting on the XC90 I, really like the design of these Swedish cars, they're, very minimalistic.

You know, look at that and extremely comfortable.

This is the V60 Manuel was just saying the T8 recharge is 460 horsepower and driving range.

Did you say, 850, km, 850ks, 800 pure electric.

You can run for 90 kilometers.

Okay, um.

How much did you say this was well? Not when you compare where we just came from BMW, yeah, 510 horses for how much 12 million nearly 12 million 340i 390, horses for 5.

Four, mil, yeah, you can have 400 460 here for 2.7.

Anyway, as many of you would know, oh, that's.

Beautiful, I, love wagons coming from Australia.

Wagons are very popular, um what's, I going to say, oh, yes.

So as as you would probably know everyone, um imported cars.

Here are tracked a 300 import tax.

Hence, they're, expensive and pick up trucks get a tax concession that's.

Why all the pickup trucks hiluxes Isuzu d-maxes and all those uh pickups that I've featured in another video that they're all extremely affordable, but um, because they've manufactured in Malaysia Malaysia, yeah, wow.

Interesting radio, European, car, scrubbing continues in Padia and uh, we're at Audi.

So just by the way, Manuel's, not buying a car.

He just wanted to do this on his day off for a little bit of fun and um, it's.

Currently good it's, the Sun it's kind of good because it gets I love cars as you know and gives you guys an idea of pricing.

So just in Audi and the I didn't know that, but in Thailand, the smallest one they make is an A3.

And the price is 2.449 million.

But for a 1.4 110 kilowatt, eight-speed, Auto, front wheel, drive come not me, uh.

So that's.

The cheapest Audi.

Okay, let's have a look at an A5 sportsback.

Two liter, four-cylinder, 183, kilowatt, 249 horsepower, no to 106 seconds, 3.699 million.

But okay, thanks moving on to a Q3.

Oh my God.

They've got small engines in these things 1.4 cylinder, not that slow two and a half million bar retail price.

The good old TT coop final icon, black 180 kilowatts, that's a bit more like it, 5.2 seconds to 100K, 3.6 million baht interesting.

So the cheapest Audi in Thailand brand new is two million four hundred and forty nine thousand baht.

And the most expensive goes up to the RS version, RS6 and 630 horsepower, 11 million 280 000.


So, um, buying a European car in patio Thailand, uh, I've saved.

My favorite out of the four that are in the video that's just me.

My personal opinion, I, love Mercedes-Benz, but I won't be only one here that's for sure way way way out of my price range.

So, uh, anyway, we'll go inside and get some prices Okay.

So the least expensive Mercedes-Benz in Australia is an A200.

And so there you go.

There is the cheapest Mercedes-Benz it's, an A200 says, AMG, Dynamic, but it's, a my goodness 1.3, four-cylinder, Turbo, Charge with 120 kilowatts, not bad for a 1.3, but there's, the price 2 million three hundred and twenty thousand and here's, the C-Class C350.

So I'm, pretty sure the AMG is just the styling AMG Dynamic.

You guys probably know better than me.

So this is a two liter four-cylinder, 150 kilowatt, it's, pretty quick 6.1 seconds to 100K is the price three million three hundred and fifty thousand Thai baht.

So they've got this beautiful S-Class.

Oh my goodness that's a beautiful car foreign look at that oh just beautiful I'll tell you the price for one of these in a minute.

Oh um until there's 580 and it's surprise seven million five hundred and eighty thousand I'll pop the conversions up I want a spectacular beautiful car.

Wow, one day when I'm famous and Rich, which will probably never happen.

I wouldn't mind being driven around in the back of one of these.

In fact, if it was an AMG version, an S63, which isn't available here, I'd want to drive it myself.

What do we have? Yeah, this one.

Yep, oh, here we go he's.

An AMG GLC, 43 liter V6 by Turbo, 287 kilowatts, 4.5 seconds, not to 100.

in the recommended retail price is 5 million one hundred and eighty thousand baht.


This is a brand new showroom down towards bangsaray.

And they gave me the prices for because I'm, an AMG nut I had an SL55 for a short.

Short amount of time in Australia when I could afford it.

Didn't happen for long, but the only V8 AMG or Mercedes.

You can buy in Thailand is a G-Wagon a G63, which I showed in another video.

When I was at Terminal, 21 and 17 million nine hundred and twenty thousand dollars and for an sl43 so that's, a V6, not a V8 is gee, isn't.

It sorry, maybe it's a four cylinder sl43 at 1.9 liter engine, I'm, assuming what that that's what that is 11 million seven hundred thousand anyway, uh, very good service here as you would expect on a nice bottle of water, foreign coffee, I hope that was sort of some value to you guys, I've done Thailand's cheapest, cars, I've done the top five pickups for 2022.


What else have we done done a couple of other things on cars? And now the four Euro Top, Euro Brands here in Thailand, but uh, yeah, imported cars, get a 300 tax anyway.

Thanks for watching see you in the next video.

Exploring EURO Car PRICES in PATTAYA - Surprising or SKY-HIGH?? (2024)
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