Nominations for 2023 Grammy Awards announced (2024)

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The 2023 Grammy Awards nominations were announced Tuesday. Nischelle Turner, a co-host for "Entertainment Tonight," joins CBS News to discuss the nominations.

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I'm not going to continue this song, because it gets very hot there's, a snippet.

A bad bunny is a newly grab me nominated song, Moscow, Mule, a and dozens of other musical artists and groups were announced as nominees for the 2023 Grammy.


Just moments ago.

Beyonce is the top nominee, Queen B for the 65th annual Grammy Awards with nine nods in total she's now, tied with her husband Jay-Z for the most nominations received by any musician in the history of the award man, talk about a power couple that's.

Amazing joining us.

Now is Michelle Turner she's, a co-host of entertainment tonight and Michelle.

You can tell I am, uh, specifically excited about a few artists there and uh, very much into reggaeton and bad bunnies and I know so is Rosalia who got some nominations Mark Anthony.

And my friend Jorge, Drexler, I'm, super excited with the Latin categories, but tell me which artists outside of those garnered the most nominations.

Well, you guys just mentioned Beyonce, and she does lead all the nominations with nine nominations.

Uh, you also, uh mentioned her husband Jay-Z.

He was actually nominated as well, not in the top nominees, though Kendrick Lamar, uh is a runner-up to Beyonce with eight nominations.

And then we have Adele right there as well with seven nominations.

So I like when when we have the women, uh, they're leading the way in the music categories, which again, we do seem to have this year, DJ Khaled, garnered a bunch of nominations.

And so you were talking about Beyonce and Jay-Z being a power couple guys.


This is going to be a house divided on grandma, because they are against each other.

Yeah, they are up against each other for uh for song of the year Beyonce.

And because Jay-Z is a writer on God did with DJ Khaled so they're going to be against each other in a category that should be a pretty fun night.

And and hopefully they will both be in the house.

So we can we can see that play out, but it seems to be.

Um, an interesting night shaping up.

You were talking about Bad, Bunny we're, looking at the song of the year, uh, nominees, right there.

So we've got break my soul, of course, Beyonce and God did is what I was talking about there, uh from Jay-Z and DJ Khaled easy on me Adele's in there as well.

And and again, she had such a great, uh record this time around about damn time.

Lizzo, uh, is, um that's.



We can pumped up Michelle as you can tell with a lot of the music that's on this list right now, Taylor Swift also got a nomination there with, um all as well as the 10 minute version.

So you guys know the version that goes on and on yeah that.

And so she was nominated for that as well.

Um, one of the big surprises, though you you started out with Bad Bunny and as much as he is loved, he is universally loved and like the biggest selling artist out there.

We were talking about this.

Yes, yeah.


You know what I'm I was a little bit surprised I have to say he is the most streamed artist in the world of all times, highest grossing biggest shows and he's a drop in any information.

If Puerto Ricans are going to take to the street, you know, and no I'm joking, um, but um.

But he doesn't recognized in other ways, though, uh, though that one probably wasn't and I'm sure he will in the Latin Grandma's tomorrow, too I will say, though he deserved that album and that record didn't deserve to be in those big categories and I'm sure they will ask him to perform on the night.

I mean, I have never seen any artist people react to him the way that people react to Bad Bunny.

It is wild I, don't know, if you guys have ever seen him in person and see how the art interacts to him Beyond Lily, you know that it is a phenomenon who you know, bagging, groceries, seven years ago, biggest star very proud, but let's move, though when you hear him all right, we'll move on.

Because we want to talk about these five new categories that were created this year Michelle.

What was behind this decision? Well, you know, I think that the Grammys had been taking a little bit of heat lately for not being as as wanting to to spread out and bringing more people into the fold.

We've seen, you know, some artists criticize them.

So now what they're saying is we're going to broaden our Horizons we're going to open it up a little bit more bring more people into it and I love.

It I love spoken word, I love, the Americana performances, I love, all of that.

Songwriter of the year I think, that's a great idea to really, um honor, you know, people that we don't see their faces all the time, but they are like the people Behind the Music.

So, um, I think those are all really really great additions to the Grammys into the category.

And and should really add to award show night I'm glad that they listened when people said, we need more, uh from the academy and biggest I mean and best score for a video game.

I know, I was thinking the same time 2022., um, who do you expect? Um see seeing as you know, Bad Bunny should have been the biggest winner now that he's not on that one category we discussed who do you expect to be the biggest winners and uh, I wonder if Beyonce and Jay-Z will get ready in separate rooms that night.

But um, who do you think will will take the most statutes? Well, I have to say, I mean, Renaissance was was such a feat.

You know, I mean, uh, Beyonce, put that record out and we're seeing it being recognized all across different genres, I mean, it's nominated in the dance electronic for best album there as well as is the r b.

And the you know, the the pop category so we're seeing her just kind of break genres I, do think that she will have a really good night.

Um, The, Academy loves Adele, They, Love, Adele.

So I would not be surprised if we didn't see her have a big night as well.

I think you know, Kendrick, Lamar's album, uh, Mr, morale.

And the big steppers is again, you know, the second most nominated album, yeah, but it did.

It was, you know, the critics were back and forth on it so I'm interested to see how he's going to do on Grammy night.

And again, I was I was surprised that I didn't see Taylor Swift get more nominations.

But she is in, um I.

Hope Mary J Blige has a good night.

I loved her.

New record, six nominations, I hope that she gets her flowers on Grammy nights, I, absolutely I mean, Kendrick I I had the privilege of going to the concert in LA this year and it's, just what a genius Lyricist.



Anyway, we will stay tuned.

So many amazing people Michelle.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Getting started it's award, season, I, love it.


We need some Joy.

Well, the 2023 Grammys will be broadcast live on CBS on Sunday February 5th.

You can also stream it live and On Demand on Paramount Plus.

Nominations for 2023 Grammy Awards announced (2024)


Nominations for 2023 Grammy Awards announced? ›

The 2023 GRAMMYs nominations will be announced Nov. 15; final-round voting begins on Dec. 14 and will conclude on Jan. 4.

Have the 2023 Grammy nominations been announced? ›

The 2023 GRAMMYs nominations will be announced Nov. 15; final-round voting begins on Dec. 14 and will conclude on Jan. 4.

What were the nominees for Song Of The Year 2023? ›

Song of the Year
  • "Just Like That" — Bonnie Raitt, songwriter (Bonnie Raitt) — Winner.
  • "abcdefu" — Sara Davis, GAYLE & Dave Pittenger, songwriters (GAYLE)
  • "About Damn Time" — Melissa "Lizzo" Jefferson, Eric Frederic, Blake Slatkin & Theron Makiel Thomas, songwriters (Lizzo)
Feb 6, 2023

Who are the nominees for Album of the Year GRAMMYs 2023? ›

Here are the nominees — by ABBA, Harry Styles, Beyoncé, Adele, Bad Bunny, Mary J. Blige, Brandi Carlile, Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar, and Lizzo. For what seems like ages, people have been portending the album's extinction as a viable format.

What time are the GRAMMY nominations announced 2023? ›

When & What Time Are The 2023 GRAMMY Nominations Announced? The Recording Academy will announce the nominations for the 2023 GRAMMYs on Tuesday, Nov. 15, starting at 9 a.m. PT/noon ET, live from the GRAMMY Museum and Latin GRAMMY Week 2022.

Who is leading GRAMMY nominations 2023? ›

Beyoncé leads the 2023 Grammys lineup with nine nominations, including best dance/electronic album ("Renaissance"), best R&B performance ("Virgo's Groove") and best traditional R&B performance ("Plastic Off the Sofa").

Who won song of the year GRAMMY 2023? ›

Bonnie Raitt wins Song Of The Year for her track "Just Like That." Bonnie Raitt's "Just Like That" won the GRAMMY for Song Of The Year at the 2023 GRAMMYs.

Who will be performing at the GRAMMYs 2023? ›

The first wave of 2023 GRAMMYs performers has been announced: Bad Bunny, Mary J. Blige, Brandi Carlile, Luke Combs, Steve Lacy, Lizzo, Kim Petras, and Sam Smith. Catch them all on Sunday, Feb.

What are the new categories for GRAMMY 2023? ›

For the 2023 Grammy Awards there are five new categories including Songwriter Of The Year, Non-Classical, Best Alternative Music Performance, Best Americana Performance, Best Score Soundtrack For Video Games And Other Interactive Media, Best Spoken Word Poetry Album.

Who won album of the year 2023 Grammy? ›

Harry Styles won Album of the Year for Harry's House, becoming the first male British solo artist to win since George Michael in 1989. Lizzo won Record of the Year for "About Damn Time", becoming the first black woman to win the award since Whitney Houston in 1994.

What is the best music film at the Grammys 2023? ›

'Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story' wins Best Music Film at 2023 Grammy Awards. Several local musicians are up for awards including Dr. John, PJ Morton, Tank and the Bangas, Cory Henry, Lucky Daye, Aaron Neville & The Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

What is the theme for the Grammys 2023? ›

Back to normal is the theme of the 2023 Grammy Awards, after a few years of COVID-19-related shifts in dates and locations. The 65th annual ceremony returns Sunday to its longtime home of Arena (formerly the Staples Center) in downtown Los Angeles.

Will BTS have any nomination in the Grammy Awards 2023? ›

Despite their three nominations, the K-pop group passed on this year's ceremony. None of the members of BTS made the trip Stateside for the 2023 Grammys.

What time are the GRAMMY nominees announced? ›

10): Olivia Rodrigo, Machine Gun Kelly, John Legend, Jimmie Allen, Luis Fonsi, Ledisi, Smokey Robinson and CBS Mornings co-anchors Nate Burleson and Gayle King will join Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason jr. to announce the nominees for the 65th annual Grammy Awards on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET.

Is midnights eligible for 2023 GRAMMYs? ›

It just doesn't qualify for this year's nominations because of its release date. It's eligible for the 2024 Grammys instead.

Are GRAMMY nominations announced? ›

The Recording Academy has released its key dates and deadlines ahead of the 2023 GRAMMYs, officially known as the 65th GRAMMY Awards. This year's GRAMMY nominees will be announced on Tuesday, Nov. 15, with the 2023 GRAMMYs airing live Sunday, Feb. 5, from the Arena in Los Angeles.

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