What's up y'all midwest, all right, I'm gonna do a pick four workout here.

I haven't done one of these in a while.

And this one is definitely a winner it's, very simple.

And I will show you step by step and I'll tell you about mirror numbers and all that I've got a lot of requests and can I do which state which state would state.

I'd rather just show you how to do it, and you can do it yourself, and it will work great.

So we today in illinois, we got four twenty eight, okay, what we're gonna do you're gonna put this number on top and you're gonna add each column by these numbers? So you got 428, you're gonna go three, six, nine, three.


So what you're gonna do is you're gonna add each column until you get back to your original base number.

This is your base.

Number there's, a couple ways you can play these numbers.

But this works the best all right.

So you're gonna go four, plus three is seven.

And you go to a seven plus three is zero.


Plus three is three it.


Plus three is ten, you drop the one you don't use two digits and pick four because it's only a single digit game.

There is no two digits in it.

So you that the zero is a ten or a zero, and you just drop the one.

So three, plus three is six six, plus three is nine.


Plus two three is two two.

Plus three is five.


Plus three is eight eight, plus three is one one plus three is four.

So you get back to your original number of four then you're gonna do it to your next column.

Six plus two is eight eight, plus six, eight, plus six is four and try to keep in line with your other ones.

Four plus six is zero.


Plus six is six six, plus six is two two.

Plus six is eight eight, plus six is four four, plus six is zero six and two.

So you get back to your original number of two next you're going to have nine this one's you're just going to count down you'll, you'll, you'll figure it out after you.

Do it a couple of times? It just is one number less each time any nine does that so nine plus nine is zero.

Nine, plus nine is eight seven, six, five, four, three, two one and zero last number is three again.

So you're gonna go a plus three is one one, plus three is four four, plus three is seven, seven plus seven or seven.

Plus three is zero.


Plus three is three six, nine, two, five, eight so you're back to your original number here of 428.


I like to draw a line to cross that off to mark it off from anything else.

So this is your set of numbers that you can play straight across, which it always works.

Good always repeat your numbers because a lot of times they will fall back to back numbers, the same number or mixed it up a little bit.

And I like to play straight box, because you can hit a box or straight your way.

So if you don't get it straight, you can get it boxed and any way it falls, you'll still win something.

So you want to play seven eight, nine, one, oh, four, eight, four, three, zero, seven, seven, six, six, six, zero, nine, two, five, three.

I like this, nine, two, five, three, two, eight, four, six, that's.

Another number that's, good, five, four, three, nine, eight, zero, two, two.

Another, good.

Number sixteen.

Fifteen another good number there's, a lot of good numbers right there that you can just play straight across from the base grid and that four two zero eight.

Now this will work in any state, but I'm, just using one example because the state I'm at and it's worked the best here.

And it may not work as good in your state, but eventually it will you gotta stick with it.

I get a lot of comments of people saying, it's, not working it's.

It don't work my state or my state.

Well, you got to stay with it.

I mean, if you just play a week and you don't, win, um, you know, that's a good chance you're, not going to win it's, not a guaranteed thing illinois lottery or any lottery is not guaranteed, but this will help you limit your picking for numbers.

I mean, I could go for days, I'm picking numbers, there's, ten thousand different combinations.

Here, it's one in ten thousand hit a straight.

So I mean, if you play seven times, uh, seven days of the week, and you don't hit it's, you know, don't get frustrated.

You gotta keep with it all right so there's.

Another way I like to play which this one sections and off.

So you got your base number here.

You're gonna go one two three down, okay, there's that then you're gonna go from your bottom.

One two and section it off.

This just helps you break up your numbers because you're gonna not play straight you're, gonna be playing diagonal.

All right.

So mirror number is any number plus five.

So mirror number is any number plus five.

So, for example, zero equals five one equals six two equals seven three equals eight four equals nine, five equals zero that's, your that's, your narrow numbers, it's.

The only numbers there are there are another numbers? That's it.

Oh wait six.

I forgot six, oh, no.

It keeps going I'm.

Sorry, I'm confused.

Six equals one seven equals two.

And it just goes starts repeating.

It is the same number just flips over so eight equals three nine equals four.

And zero is a five.

It just starts back over all right.

So there you go there's.

Your mirror numbers, that's, the mirror number that's it.

There is no other mirror numbers.

Those are mirror numbers.

All right? Then you have your flip numbers.

Flip number is any number plus three.

So zero equals three one equals four two equals five three equals six four equals seven five equals eight six equals nine seven equals equals zero eight equals one nine equals two there's.

Your mirror numbers there is no or flip numbers.

There is no other numbers for flip that's.

Your flip numbers and that's.

Your mirror numbers, it's, very simple, just any number plus five from here, flips any number plus three.

So you're gonna go back over here to your base grid.

This is your base right here.

Four, two zero, eight.

So your mirror number of that is gonna be nine.

Mirror numbers.

Four is nine.

So I would definitely be looking for a nine in the next number that's drawn the lottery runs off mirror and flip numbers.

If you look at your your your draws, the next draw is usually going to have a mirror or a flip number or a couple of them or all of them.

A lot of times will be just exactly the mirror number, which exact mirror number of that is, uh, nine, seven, five, three, nine, seven, five, three or nine, fives, it's, nine, seven, five, three, that's, the mirror number of four two zero, eight.

The flip number is seven, five three, one, any either of those numbers will be good to play.

I mean, I always play the exact mirror, the next draw, pick three or pick four.

I've won a lot just uh, just by playing mirrors.

So there's, your mirror number there's, your flip number.


So over here on the base grid on your grid, you're gonna look for nines or sevens, because four is your first digit.

I always go off the first digit you're, gonna look for nines or sevens or sevens and nines in the same number all right.

So you look for nines over here.

You're gonna circle, nines circle, all your nines.

So there's, just three nines.

I think, yeah, three nines in all of them and you're gonna circle your sevens sevens, seven seven.

I think that's it for sevens.

So I like to connect numbers between those.

They gotta be touching those numbers or with those numbers.

So you can play straight down, you can play diagonal, but they have to be touching so it's got a four in it.

So I would like to play a four and a seven and a nine in the same number.

So you got seven four nine and the one over here, a bigger number seven, four, nine one.

And after you play this for a while you just start numbers will just start popping out at you that you think will be good based off of your your base grid and mirroring it all right so anything with a nine in it or a seven is gonna be a good number, or you got the zero here you look for a five so anything with a five in it.

You got this five right here, nine, six, five, three, nine.

Six, five, three is good number to play or knight that nine two five three straight across.

I like that the best probably at all those numbers because it's got, um, the mirror of the uh zero and the mirror of the four.

So you got nine.

Two, five three is a good number.

But again, if you just want a ten sets of numbers to play straight across, which I do a lot, I just play these 10 numbers straight across from the base number and 3693 added to it.

So if you want to try to pick numbers out of here that you think is best and and they'll be in a cluster like you'll have say it falls, 6660.

Your next number is going to be right around that area.

It will fall right around there, connecting like 96509650.

It will all be connected right there.

And it usually falls for about a week.

All the numbers will be right in that area.

You can pick from for a whole week.

So that's, uh, the base, pick four on, uh, the rundown for not three six, nine three.

So if you guys try it in your state run, it straight across see how it works out for you.

I know, it'll, I know, you'll get some hits out of this.

If you play it just straight across might not be straight, it's, pretty hard to hit straight numbers.

All right, uh, if you want to play straight numbers, what I like to do is pick one number and stick with it for months like nine, one, seven, seven.

I stick with.

I play 9177 a lot.

And I stick with that number.

I don't know that number seems to fall a lot or zero, one, two, three falls a lot too all right guys.

So I hope that helped you out again, there's the mirror there's, the flip and here's, your rundown.

So play just try playing straight across ten of them.

And then you can pick numbers out of here.

I like to usually pick red from the center so or connect with the nine sevens, whatever your mirror numbers are again.

Your mirror network all right guys.

I appreciate you for watching don't, forget to like subscribe and comment and here's, uh, the the mix we got three spots, left, uh, g and carry eight.

You need to know let me know if you're gonna roll or cash out, I would appreciate it.

And then, as soon as we fill that up we'll, go live.

Let me know if you're gonna roll our cash out.

So we can get this on the move all right? Guys.


See you later.

Thank you very much.

Have a great night.


What are the best pick 4 numbers? ›

The numbers 1-0-1-0 are one of the most popular combinations of numbers played in the Pick 4 game.

How many combinations are there in Pick 4? ›

Pick four unique numbers to match the winning numbers in any order. There are 24 ways to win (24 possible combinations).

What is the best strategy for picking lottery numbers? ›

To have a better chance of keeping an entire jackpot if you win it, choose random numbers that aren't close together—others are less likely to pick that sequence. Avoid playing numbers that have sentimental value, like ones associated with your birthday, because lots of people might have the same strategy.

What are the 6 most common winning lottery numbers? ›

The numbers that have appeared in winning Powerball combinations most frequently and can serve as a guide to increase the odds were published by Yotta, an application linked to a savings account that works like a lottery. The most frequently appearing Powerball numbers are: 1, 26, 18, 10, 10, 2, 12, 11, 9, 6 and 20.

What Win 4 number comes out the most? ›

Among Win 4, they are 1111, 2222 and 3333. Officials said that news events sometimes spur a run on numbers, such as 911, which sells out every year on Sept. 11, and 1549, the number of the US Airways flight that hero pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger safely landed in the Hudson River a year ago.

What is the most common number to win? ›

Most winning lottery numbers: Powerball

66. 23. 61. 53.

How many 4 digit combinations are there no repeats? ›

How many 4 digit combinations with no repeats? Hence total number of permutations = 9×504=4536.

What are the chances of guessing a 4 digit code with 4 numbers? ›

A specific "4 digit number" would have 1/9000 chance, since there are 9000 4 digit numbers (1000-9999).

How many ways can 1234 be arranged? ›

How many different combinations can you make with the numbers 1234? So there are {1,2,3,4} these 4 numbers. So there are 64 total ways.

What's the luckiest numbers for lottery? ›

24 - Drawn 45 times. 18 - Drawn 43 times. 10 - Drawn 37 times. 4 - Drawn 37 times.

Is it better to pick your own lottery numbers or let the computer pick them? ›

Picking your own numbers doesn't change the odds of winning. But, picking random numbers does increase the odds that if you win, no one else wins.

What lottery numbers are most likely to hit? ›

31 - Drawn 50 times. 38 - Drawn 50 times. 10 - Drawn 49 times.

What are the 7 luckiest numbers? ›

The top 10 are: 11, 7, 17, 27,19, 23, 12,13, 9 and 18. So how do you pick lucky numbers? For those who use birthdays, five of the most commonly drawn numbers are more than 31, meaning they are not likely to have picked them. Another approach that is commonly used is to look for numbers that have not come up in a while.

How can I increase my chances of winning the lottery? ›

Buy More Tickets

Buying more tickets might have the most significant impact on your lottery odds. It's elementary math. If each ticket has a 1 in 100,000,000 chance of hitting the lottery, then playing 100 tickets improves the odds to 1 in 1,000,000.

How to win 4 digit lotto? ›

Simply mark the number of draws you want to play. Players must match all four of the winning numbers drawn in EXACT ORDER in the official 4D Lotto draw for the date played to win the First Prize.

What pick 3 numbers are drawn the most? ›

Pick 3 plus FIREBALL Number Frequency
Ball NumberNumber of Times Drawn
6 more rows

How many lottery winners choose their numbers? ›

“With the data available, roughly 80% of Powerball jackpot-winning tickets are quick picks.

Which number is the most common number? ›

Mode: The most frequent number—that is, the number that occurs the highest number of times. Example: The mode of {4 , 2, 4, 3, 2, 2} is 2 because it occurs three times, which is more than any other number.

What are the top luckiest numbers? ›

In the Realm of Numerology, the Five Luckiest Numbers are Considered to be 3, 7, 9, 11, and 13.

What is the most common number? ›

24 Most Common Numbers
  • one.
  • two.
  • first.
  • last.
  • three.
  • next.
  • million.
  • four.

What is the most common 4-digit PIN? ›

By the way, the most common four-digit PINs according to the study are: 1234, 0000, 2580, 1111 and 5555 (scroll down for a longer list) – 2580 is there because it is a vertical column on a numeric keypad.

What is the least common 4-digit PIN? ›

Just keep in mind that guessing isn't the only way thieves can swipe your PIN or password. So “8068” alone—or whatever the equivalent is now that people know about “8068”—won't protect you from ATM skimmers or hackers who breach the databases of sites that don't encrypt users' passwords.

What is every possible 4-digit code? ›

There are 10,000 possible combinations that the digits 0-9 can be arranged into to form a four-digit code.

What is the hardest 4 digit code? ›

What is the hardest 4 digit password?

How many 4 code passwords are there? ›

There are a possible 10,000 4-number pin combinations that can be made from 0-9. We use them for everything. Cards, phones, alarms, gates, suitcases. And yet, despite the vast variety of combinations, a striking 10.7% of us use the same one.

How long would it take to crack a 4 digit code? ›

You have 9,999 guesses so if you are not logged out for too many tries and you could key in PINs starting with 0001 going all the way to 9999 at a rate of a PIN every 2 seconds then you are looking at about 5.5 hours to get to 9999. Chances are you would find the correct PIN before that.

What are the possible 4 digit combinations with 1234? ›

1234, 1243, 1423, 4123, 1324, 1342, 1432, 4132, 3124, 3142, 3412, 4312, 2134, 2143, 2413, 4213, 2314, 2341, 2431, 4231, 3214, 3241, 3421, 4321.

What are all the 4 digit combinations of 1234? ›

With that in mind, we can find all the combinations of the digits “1234”:
  • Four combinations taken one at a time: 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Six combinations taken two at a time: 12, 13, 14, 23, 24, 34.
  • Four combinations taken three at a time: 123, 124, 134, 234.
  • One combination taken four at a time: 1234.

How many 4 digit numbers can you make 1234 repetition? ›

Required number of ways =16+18+8+2=44 ways. Q.

What are 5 of the luckiest numbers? ›

In the Realm of Numerology, the Five Luckiest Numbers are Considered to be 3, 7, 9, 11, and 13.

What's the luckiest number in the world? ›

The number seven is usually the overwhelming favorite. Why is that? In many cultures around the world, seven is considered a lucky number. This probably explains the affinity many people feel for the number seven.

Which number is my lucky number? ›

Lucky number according to the date of birth

Your date of birth can reveal you're a lucky number. To begin with, add the digits in your birth date until you get a single-digit number. For example, if your birthday is January 28, 1992, you would add 1+2+8+1+9+9+2 to get 32. Then, you would add 3+2 to get 5.

Has a quick pick ever won lottery? ›

Chances of winning the lotto between playing quick picks or selecting your own numbers are both equal. “Around 70 to 80 percent of Powerball players use Quick Pick tickets, and the same percentage of winning entries are Quick Picks,” one report said.

Is quick pick better than picking numbers? ›

Is one choice better than the other? The short answer– no. Math experts and lotto officials will tell you there's a common misconception that the odds of winning are different if you go with your own numbers, like a combination important to you personally, birthdays, anniversaries, etc…

What is the best time to buy a lottery ticket? ›

When the jackpot gets large, it is a better time to buy the lottery. But it will never become a rational investment (with positive expected return) due to the lotto mania created by these large jackpots! Moreover, the more tickets sold, the more likely the winner will have to split the prize with others.

What are the 6 least common winning lottery numbers? ›

The least common Powerball numbers are 23, 12, 15, 7, 16 and 20.

What are the top 6 hot numbers for Mega Millions? ›

But some players will look at the statistics and try to choose the numbers that come up most often. According to LottoNumbers.com, the most drawn Mega Millions numbers are 31, 17, 39, 48, 4 and 10. The most drawn Mega Ball number is 3.

What is the rarest lucky number? ›

11: Lucky 12

Just as 13 is considered one of the unluckiest of all numbers, 12 is considered the rare lucky number that happens to also be even. The origins of this superstition are sketchy, but some sources suggest that 12 gained its lucky rep simply because it's so nicely divisible.

Which number is lucky 7 or 8? ›

The number 7 is often considered lucky, and it has a definite mystique, perhaps because it is a prime number—that is, it cannot be obtained by multiplying two smaller numbers together.

Which number is lucky 6 or 7? ›

Seven is considered lucky for most people. The number has a lot of spiritual connotations associated with it.

What causes the lottery to go up? ›

Rising interest rates are making jackpots bigger

"But two years ago, during the depths of the recession from COVID, you would have needed more like $700 million in that pool to actually generate a $1 billion annuity." The spike in interest rates helps explain why two of the largest-ever lottery jackpots came in 2022.

What is the formula for winning the lottery? ›

If the order of the lottery number matters, then each lottery number is called a permutation of numbers, and the formula we use to calculate the probability of winning the lottery when this is the case is as follows: a n P r , where nPr is the number of permutations possible of the lottery number, and. ( n − r ) ! .

Who won the lottery 7 times? ›

Lustig's seven lottery wins has been featured on the financial web site CNN Money. His book Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery was ranked #3 on Amazon's self-help book list in 2013.

What numbers are most likely to be picked? ›

24 - Drawn 45 times. 18 - Drawn 43 times. 10 - Drawn 37 times. 4 - Drawn 37 times.

What are the luckiest lottery numbers of all time? ›

After scraping Powerball results for the last 5 years, the luckiest white ball Powerball numbers were:
  • 23 being drawn on 2.08% of all draws.
  • 32 on 2.05% of all draws.
  • 61 on 1.86% of all draws.
  • 53 and 69 on 1.83% of all draws.
  • 64 on 1.79% of all draws.
  • 3 on 1.72% of all draws.
  • 21, 27 and 62 on 1.68% of all draws.
May 5, 2023

What are the odds of picking 4 numbers? ›

It's very simple. In 4 decimal digits there are 10,000 (0000 to 9999) possible values. The odds of any one of them coming up randomly is one in 10,000. A specific "4 digit number" would have 1/9000 chance, since there are 9000 4 digit numbers (1000-9999).

How do I find my lucky number? ›

To begin with, add the digits in your birth date until you get a single-digit number. For example, if your birthday is January 28, 1992, you would add 1+2+8+1+9+9+2 to get 32. Then, you would add 3+2 to get 5. So, in this case, five would be your lucky number.

What are the top 5 luckiest numbers? ›

In the Realm of Numerology, the Five Luckiest Numbers are Considered to be 3, 7, 9, 11, and 13.

Do more people win the lottery by picking numbers or random? ›

Picking your own numbers doesn't change the odds of winning. But, picking random numbers does increase the odds that if you win, no one else wins.

What is the luckiest number on earth? ›

The number seven is usually the overwhelming favorite. Why is that? In many cultures around the world, seven is considered a lucky number. This probably explains the affinity many people feel for the number seven.

What are lucky 3 digit numbers? ›

1, 3, 7, 9, 13, 15, 21, 25, 31, 33, 37, 43, 49, 51, 63, 67, 69, 73, 75, 79, 87, 93, 99, 105, 111, 115, 127, 129, 133, 135, 141, 151, 159, 163, 169, 171, 189, 193, 195, 201, 205, 211, 219, 223, 231, 235, 237, 241, 259, 261, 267, 273, 283, 285, 289, 297, 303, 307, 319, 321, 327, ... (sequence A000959 in the OEIS).

What is the most likely number to pick between 1 and 100? ›

The most random two-digit number is 37, When groups of people are polled to pick a “random number between 1 and 100”, the most commonly chosen number is 37.

How many 4 digit combinations are there without repeating? ›

Hence total number of permutations = 9×504=4536.

Is there a pattern to lottery numbers? ›

Some like to analyze past draws to spot any patterns, while others look to the Zodiac for the answers. Of course, no matter how you pick your lottery numbers, the draw is always totally random. While there is no method to guarantee a win (otherwise we'd all be millionaires!) there's no harm in having one, either.

What number is least likely to be picked? ›

The twelve most unpopular lottery numbers are 32, 29, 10, 30, 40, 39, 48, 12, 42, 41, 38, and 18. These numbers are chosen 15 percent to 30 percent less often than other numbers.

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